Born in Wales and then dragged up in the Ribble Valley in Lancashire. Now living in a small house just outside of Nottingham City centre. Trying to have a country-urban life with my rogue househusband  and on the way into our life is a rabbit. He doesn’t know yet but it is a surprise.

My partner is a internet and computer geek with a passion for squash and annoying me. He’ll do a couple of guest blogs if he gets the chance or if I nag him enough. They say the couple that blogs together….. geeks together?

I love food, wine, cooking and gardening. I’m 22 and can’t wait to retire.  I really enjoy simple, clean food made from the best local, seasonal produce, however it doesn’t mean that’s all I eat. Sometimes there is a need to go out there and try something new and living in Britain we can’t eat Mangos quite as seasonally as we eat Asparagus although keeping a check of the time of year we buy them does help – so Oranges in January etc. You can’t be an organic food snob all the time, although I aim to be.

This year we aim to travel and eat a selection of local food from around the country, mainly from the Midlands, Wales and any others on our travels. At the end of April we’re doing a food tour of Amsterdam!

Why should I read your food blog?

Yes I know that there are plenty of other food blogs out there but I would love mine to focus more on the gardening groups in Nottingham (of which there are many and some really great people involved) and the COST of making a dish. So many people post wonderful reciepes but sometimes forget that if it isn’t seasonal food then the cost can rocket. Mrs Beeton would always write down tips and hints about how much a dish should cost and it’s something we should all consider before cooking. I also want to prove how much growing my own has saved me spending on my weekly food shop. If it saves me any money at all. Fingers crossed.

Why RogueHousewife?

Well, I’m pretending to be a good housewife and I love being a little bit of a rogue. It sounded good and there is a picture in my head of what I think a roguehousewife looks like. One of my colleagues at work said it sounded like a bad porn name. Trust me that was not what I had in mind! I’ve already spent the time and a little bit of money on the domain name so I’m keeping it for now!

Want to Get in touch?

If you would like to recommend any local food, gardening or drink heroes in your area or submit recipes or anything else, please contact me at: or visit my Twitter page

I would love the blog to be a platform to communicate and publicise all that is glorious about local food & drink. I also work in Pest Control which is a different kettle of fish all together. If you want to know more about that I might consider it. Just give me a couple more months on the job.


5 Responses to About Rogue Housewife

  1. Lorna says:

    Blog stalked you, write more.

  2. Hi Bethan,
    How wonderful that you found us!
    We’ll be following you as well.
    Marten & co

  3. James Baker says:

    Where in the ribble valley were you brought up? I’m from wilpshire bearish blackburn

  4. Steve Walsh says:

    Hi Beth,

    Hope you are okay, I see that you have been busy lately, no blog updates!

    I wonder if I could ask you a favour? Someone asked me about BRC standards and Pest Control the other day. Is there any literature that you could point me at so I can swot up?



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