Wearing the same outfit as your partner, at the same time, is a fashion no-no according to many people, however there are couples that do match, compliment, clash outfits with their partner.  Some say that it is a sure sign that they have lost all sense of individuality and reason. There are some wonderful examples out there of match-matchy, see this fantastic article about a photographer who actively hunts down couples in matching outfits like a lion stalking his prey. He says that, “when I see a couple dressed the same, it’s as if I’ve spotted a rare species of animal”.

There are many bat-shit crazy matchy outfits that should not have happened, many from the crazy lady that make her husband wear the same outfit as her, and there was this on from celebrity couple Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake that should never have happened. 

In China, matching couples outfits are very popular with specific brands like Calvin Klein releasing matching pyjama sets for the Asian market. It’s certainly one way of showing that you are in a relationship and feel secure. Have a look at this slideshow for some more ideas of matching outfits.

However part of me wants to be matchy-matchy and the sane side of my brain is telling me to STOP!

Ok I admit there have been some moments in our brief partnership together where we have accidentally worn the same thing. We were on holiday in Turkey, the plan was to go on a hike around an abandoned Greek village, calling for cargo shorts and a complementary top, I grabbed the first one I saw.  As I was making breakfast and he came down wearing a very close match. See the photo of evidence of this matchy-matchy no-no. Neither of us wanted to back down and change so we matched all day, to the horror of our girl friends.

Personally I think we looked good.

As we are about to depart on our winter trip to Finland, it has come the time to invest in a decent winter coat with a down lining. He has invested in the Rab Ascent coat. I have yet to purchase mine as I am reluctant to buy a coat that makes me look like a Michelin tyre man. However once this coat was on, I was taken aback. It’s warm, very light and looks good compared to the pictures. All other winter down coats for women are in a similar price bracket but have a lower down or fill weight.

If I get a coat that doesn’t keep me warm enough in the depths of Finnish Lapland, the words, “I told you to get the same coat”, will haunt me all holiday.

Do I risk getting a different coat and being cold or just bite the bullet and embrace the need to be match-matchy? For practical warmth purposes only.


One Response to Matchy-matchy couples outfits. Yes or no?

  1. Kavey says:

    Ha, definitely a no no!

    But we do have one matching outfit – we were gifted properly warm “arctic” winter coats, both identical. They’d be so expensive to replace, and are so comfortable and warm, that we put up with being the matchy matchy couple on cold destination holidays!!

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