The mini food festival appeared to be a foodie’s fantasy last weekend in Market Square, central Nottingham. There you could find anything from toffee sold by the kilogram to curries and hot paella. The problem? The food festival appeared to be a lot more satisfying than it was. While the assortment of stalls and foods was unquestionable, the quality and pricing of the products raised questions in both the stomachs and wallets of the customers.

One of the first places stopped at was a small stall of Greek foods, with a large patriotic sign to compensate.

The food here was to advertise a local Greek restaurant. What did they sell? Well, if you go to your local Tesco or any other corner shop, get a pack of white pitta bread, some salad, grilled diced chicken breast and add some tzatziki…… you’ve got the right idea. Sold for 4 pounds you got a “traditional” Greek chicken kebab…only about double the price that you’d get it in Greece.

Another place visited was a lovely man selling monster sized cake cuts like chocolate and carrot. For only a pound, you could get a brick of a cake piece. And by brick, I don’t mean just the size. Nevertheless, I did see other people fall into the trap; lured into getting a bit of these monster cake pieces, only to see them struggle to bite down and chew…

Sometimes you do get exactly what you pay for.

I feel like I should try to add some color to this rather than painting a dim picture about this food market. The weather was gorgeous, and judging by the amount of people walking around with arms and mouths full of different foods, it’s safe to assume that everyone got a piece of the pie (if you excuse the pun).

See, I promised some color


3 Responses to The Nottingham Food Festival – Review from RogueGreek

  1. Kerry says:

    Good article! I walked through and although some of the good looked alluring it was massively overpriced and a lot of it actually wasn’t great quality as you said. I’d live to have tried the churros but for £5? Nope!

    • beth says:

      It’s a shame that food is so over-priced for what it’s worth. I know they want to make a profit and we need to support local, independent businesses but at what cost and why sacrifice quality?

      • Kerry says:

        Totally! And I worry that some of them aren’t actually local independent businesses…. like the french biscuits en masse people who come to every food and drink market with produce direct from the hypermarche!

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