Window Jungle

It’s easy to get excited about growing. Sometimes you can get too carried away. Last week I decided to sow a few Pea Beans to go into the allotment plot. It turns out they love the warmth of the window sill and have gone wild. Our kitchen is now looking like a jungle.

I’ve never grown Pea Beans before and they sound good. I looked them up on the National Vegetable Society and they say

The beans can be cooked in three quite distinct ways. As whole pods, lightly boiled or steamed, just as you would use French beans; as fresh shelled beans (but they are not easy to shell), cook them as you would cook peas and broad beans; or they can be dried (and stored if needs be) as haricot beans. In any of these ways they are are delicious.”

I’ll let you know how they get one once they go in the soil. I might put a couple in the Greenhouse and we might be able to have them early. Fingers crossed.

You might be able to see in the background some Spider plants I am nurturing to give to a plant swap and a little tray of cress.

Why have I got an upside down plastic bottle? Cut of the top of the bottle near the neck and then pop over any small weak looking seedings and you’ve got yourself your own little GreenHouse.

Upon reflection I didn’t need to do this as these beans shouldn’t really go in until April/May. Well they say, the early bird catches the worm and I’m planning on catching beans this year!

Do you think I’ve grown them too soon?

What are you planting this year?


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