I promise I won’t post too much about fashion but I came across this dress online and I just had to share it with like minded gardeners and those who love their greens.

The Vegetable theme is in this season.

It has a bit of a leafy feel to it, an updated Adam and Eve look. It’s by a designer/artist named Sarah Illenberger and more of her work can be found on her website.  It’s the use of the sprouts that makes me happy. People either love or hate them and I love them especially chopped up and stir fired with a bit of chilli. Wow, even looking at Green clothes makes me feel hungry.

Thought I would show you this dress as well whilst on the subject of Veggie dresses, it was done by some Project Runway designers and photographed by Tom Salabrese, the model had to spend 6 hours standing whilst they sewed the leaves together. I wonder if they had to give it a little water as well to keep the leaves looking fresh?

Elegant and Spiky.

Whenever you think of people dressed in Greens your mind might automatically think of the Jolly Green Giant from the Sweetcorn tins

However most people look ridiculous dressed up in green leaves but some people can just carry it off. Those who spend six hours having the leaves or vegetables lovingly placed on them! For now I’ll stick to just eating them, what about you?


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