Everybody who loves pizza should attempt making their own. It’s simple and so cheap. It also means that even the fussiest of topping pickers can be satisfied.

Start of by making your own dough. Its not that hard I promise. There are multiple recipes on the interent and they all have their benefits or disadvantages. Start of simple and if it doesn’t work, then use another recipe next time. Adapt the way you make it or the flour you use. Some people swear by using semolina but a standard strong bread flour works well.

I used a simple dough recipe from the BBC food website and it didn’t fail me. Try to make the dough the day before and then pop it into the fridge. Once the dough is made roll it out.

Then add whatever toppings you enjoy. A basic tomato sauce can be improvise by blending a tin of tomatoes up and adding them to some sautéed onions for a simple base. Then add your meat, vegetables and cheese.

Try experimenting. A friend made me a peach, goats cheese and pesto Pizza once upon a time. It was devine.

Cost of Pizza (estimated cost)

Quarter of a bag of flour – 30p

Dried yeast – 12p

Dribble of milk – 30p

Olive oil – 30p

Tin of tomatoes – 45p

Quarter of a block of cheese – 50p

Some old Chorizo I had knocking about the cupboard – 70p

Onion – 10p  (I buy in bulk)

Handful of herbs to finish off – free from garden pot

Total cost £2.77 for 2 with left over dough to pop in the freezer for next week.

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