When Valentine’s Day comes around many people just don’t know what to get for their partner, loved one or friend. This year why not get them some heart shaped vegetables?

Sainsbury’s has cottoned onto the ‘heart holiday’ and has brought out its own heart shaped cucumber range.

I'm green with envy

When I heard the price of £1 for half a portion I did think it was a little on the excessive side. Why? Well growing vegetables into a specific shape isn’t hard. All you need to do is encase the fruit in a mould and let it grow.

However after doing some digging, the heart shaped moulds available to the public do seem very expensive. I found one from Japan for a bargin price of $79 and that doesn’t include shipping.

A much better product for the garden is the vegiform. It will mould your vegetables into funny faces or into new shapes. Like this squash in the form of a sweetcorn cob.

Many people have taken this form of vegetable moulding into an art form. Take Dan Ladd whose work on squashes is nothing short of beautiful. The heart shaped cucumber has a lot to live up to. A while ago I came across Miss Cellania who decided to grow her pumpkins in pots with varied success.

Odd shaped pumpkins

I think they look nifty and would also solve the problem of your pumpkin rolling around when your trying to carve it.

Now I’ve really gotten into the idea of molded vegetables. The internet has also shown me the Buddha Pears

Hang time: Baby-shaped pears will soon be coming to a supermarket near you


[Photograph: Central European News]

Now they do look good. It’s inspired me to look at the possibility of growing some vegetables in my own handmade moulds. I’ll keep you updated with the results.

So why do I have such problem with the heart shaped cucumber? Other than the fact it’s the worst Valentine’s Day gimmick ever seen on the shelves this year. Cucumbers are not in season in the UK at the moment. So this means that they have either been produced in greenhouses powered by fossil fuels in the UK or they have been shipped from abroad. I think it’s the latter. If anyone happens to pop into Sainsbury’s and see’s one – don’t be tempted to buy it. It’s just a gimmick. Buy your Valentine one a stalk of brussel sprouts instead. Or even better why not make breakfast and cut out the toast into heart shapes?

What will you be doing for Valentines day?

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  1. Miami Beach says:

    Came across your site yesterday when I was surfing, but I’m not really into the blog scene

  2. Lorna says:

    I love this post…next birthday please ;)

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