Welcome to my website. I am rogue housewife.

I love food, gardening,  living in Nottingham and learning from the internet. I also enjoy debating and discussing everything with anyone, especially film critics and climate skeptics. It was a natural progression to write about what I enjoy doing and enable more people to join the discussion.

Since beginning my internet exploration, I thought about a website of my own to document and rant about things of interest. What better time than the beginning of the year to dust off the cobwebs from something I’ve had under wraps for a while. I’ll be honest this has all been set up because I’ve been threatening to do it for over a year and kept putting it off. The completion of my Marmite Jar painting enabled me to see that nothing is impossible. More on that later.

Previous to this, I have no web blog experience but endeavour in this project to write exciting, new material to educate and share what I know and what I find online. I’m now lucky enough to have the incredible luxury of living in a city that I love and have a job in. The job is interesting and in the 6 week I have been there, I have  learnt more than my entire three years in my degree.

Getting up early doesn’t get any easier with dark morning and evenings but Spring is just around the corner

What I’m Doing

For the short time, I am working for a Pest Control company and am still training as well as the work I’m trying to do with gardening groups and website work. It is my aim to learn web design in photoshop and help my partner with his freelance web work. I’ve also neglected any form of physical exercise for the past few years which needs to change. The most exercise I do is walking at work but more cardio is needed to take off some of the extra weight.

I have a busy year ahead, I’m attending and helping at the Nottingham Organic Gardeners (NOGs) Potato Day, trying to organise vegetable boxes for our allotment society at the University and aiming to eat more home grown or local food. You’ll find essays about all of these as the year progresses. I will also be writing about the “Big society”, how being part of it has enriched my life and made us feel part of the community.

For Ideas and contact

For the next few months I’m available for work or for helping other community groups so if you’re interested in having me help you with a project idea, then get in touch via email or Twitter.

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